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1001 Photo Effects for Windows

Quick and easy image editing

  • Photo Station:
    Manage and edit your pictures with a few clicks just like using a photo station. (Screenshot)
  • Image Editing:
    Retouch your pictures from your digital camera. Remove red eyes and highlights in faces. (Screenshot)
  • 1001 Filter Effects:
    There are already over 1000 Filters included. Create your own filters. Thousands of Photoshop® compatible filters from Internet are includable. (Screenshot)
  • Slide Show:
    Create slide shows with background music, voice comments and transition effects. Create shows for CD, screen saver or websites. (Screenshot)
  • Poster Printing:
    Print your pictures on multiple pages and stick them together as a giant poster. (Screenshot)
  • Mosaic Images:
    Create a large picture containing many small pictures. (Screenshot)
  • Morphing:
    Transform your cat into a dog or change one face to another face. (Screenshot)
  • True 3D-Images:
    Experience a true 3D effect. The photographed subject seems to emerge out of your monitor. (Screenshot)
  • Integrated WebCam Software:
    Put your WebCam pictures into the Internet. (Screenshot)
  • Your Benefit:
    PicMaster unites multiple graphics applications in one single software. You will need only one single tool for your daily graphics tasks.

Whats new in the current version?newc

Current version: 6.0

  • PicMaster provides now over 1000 photo effects.

  • With the touchscreen user interface it can be used on windows based tablets as well.


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